oil on wood ( approx 4'x5')


oil on cut-out wood panel (approx 4'x4')

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday, September 11, 2009

I caught a piece of an interview on the CBC, the discussion in progress was around time. The comment that peaked my interest was "... past, present and future all exist in now..."
I was intrigued and thought if out experiences already exist now why do I go through the motions? Am I meant to simply play out what has happened? Though this idea seems different than the notion of predetermination and fate, less like a story line more like distilled compressed whole.
Apparently physicists determine this to be a truth, so if everything does exist in the now, then I am here, in this opportunity called life, to experience, respond, learn, appreciate, witness and share in the ways that I find appropriate and honest in my art. My expression being the traces to leave in the "now" to accompany me in my monumental unique 'moment journey' in time.
In any case I find this something I can keep in mind for new work.

liz at 40

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

geisha & lunge



For this piece I made the image in cardboard approximately one third of the size. this "template" was used to lazar cut the piece at a factory, I prepared the surface for partial application of oil paint and had metal bolts placed on the back for wall mounting. The material is quarter inch steel, and I have the piece in the garden exposed to the elements to enrich and etch the surface further with oxidation. "Flora" is half fawna, half flora rooted and reaching strong and vunerable.

masked thot

daisy thot

water thot

About Me

I am mainly interested in painting ideas, often through the use of more or less figuative elements. I work in many media including oil paint, acrylic, resin, and encaustic on a variety of sufraces such as wood, canvas and steel. Performance has also been a part of my work, mainly in Europe, but more recently here as well.